Market prices

The front page of seadatacenter.com provides a summary of the markets and the catch and more.

Daily prices

You can monitor the daily prices from numerous auction markets in several countries.


The most recent landings are available from several countries.


The quota allocation for several countries is available.


You can follow the exports and imports volumes and prices for various species and products from one country to another.


It is easy to follow the news headlines in different languages.

Salmon prices

Follow the FishPoolIndex™ prices as well as the export prices for salmon from Norway.

Seafood Intelligence

If you are in the need for more detailed analysis you can access in depth analysis from the Seafood Intelligence team in addition to analysis from leading seafood analysts from DnB, Nordea and more.


The latest foreign exchange cross rates are available.

Download the data

You can download all the data in Excel format and keep working on it in on your own computer.