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A one stop shop addressing the whole value chain from harvest to the retailer with information on supply, prices and the latest market trends at your fingertips.

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  • Daily prices – daily updates from 25 auction markets in EU and the US  
  • Retail Prices – daily updates from retailers in the UK, US and Spain
  • Trade - flow – Track the latest updates of volume and price trends between markets
  • Norwegian Index prices – Weekly updates on H&G cod and haddock a direct impact on the market prices
  • Catch – Market supply from Iceland, Norway, Faro Islands, Greenland, United Kingdom and Denmark
  • Quota Utilization – Accumulated monthly landings and quota according to specie
  • Market watch – weekly updates on market trends
  • Trade-Trackers – monthly reports on the latest whitefish price and market developments


the Sea Data Center team

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